Website Traffic

Website traffic overview


Website traffic section provides information about page views and referrer.


Website traffic


Website traffic section shows links to visited pages and the number of page views for selected time period.


Website traffic

Website traffic


1.Graphical representation of visited pages

2.Expand / hide grid view

3.Links to visited pages. Can be sorted in alphabetical order

4.The number of page views. Can be sorted in ascending or in descending order. By default they are sorted in descending order, showing most frequently visited pages on the top

5.Clears all checked boxes

6.Export data to CSV




Referral section provides information about traffic sources, i.e. where visitors come to the website from


Referrals list

Referrals list


1.Expand / hide grid view

2.The link to the source

3.The number of visits

4.Clears all checked cells

5.Export data to CSV




1.By knowing how many times your website pages are clicked, you will build your SEO strategy and improve your website user interface

2.Referrer information will help you find out whether your marketing campaigns are successful and where your customers come from