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Prestashop Integration

Adding Live Chat Button directly to Prestashop theme for any version of Prestashop


For adding live chat button to your Prestashop theme directly you need to have access to your Prestashop files via standard FTP client or the cPanel File manager.


To integrate Provide Support Live Chat system with your Prestashop-based website, please do the following:


1.Access your Prestashop files via FTP client or Cpanel File manager

2.Open there Prestashop / Themes / Your theme name folder, in our example the default theme is used. You can check the name of your theme in your Prestashop admin panel in Preferences / Theme


Prestashop FTP

Prestashop files on FTP


3.We will recommend adding the live chat button code to your footer, so open in Notepad footer.tpl file which is located in your theme folder

4.Log into your account Control Panel on Provide Support website,  follow there My Account / Chat Button Codes page and copy Fully Featured Chat Button Code with Uploadable Online / Offline Images.

5.Insert it to the footer.tpl before closing </body> tag.

6.Before <script type="text/javascript"> insert {literal}, then add {/literal} after closing </script> tag. This will prevent Prestashop template engine from evaluating your live chat button code.

7.Save your changes and upload your updated footer.tpl file to your FTP or Cpanel.

8.The chat button will appear in the position specified in your chat button code


Prestashop chat button example

Live Chat button at Prestashop website bottom corner