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Chat transcripts app interface



The chat transcripts app allows viewing chat transcripts online, selecting time period and downloading them. The app has the following interface:


Chat transcripts app

Chat transcripts app


1.Data columns. The following columns can be added to the view: client name, agent name, chat started date, chat length, the number of messages in chat, called from page link, browser, OS, IP address

2.Columns content. Columns content is displayed according to selected filters

3.Export all data. All filtered chat transcripts will be downloaded

4.Column chooser. Allows choosing and adding columns (by drag-n-drop)

5.Light and dark mode switcher

6.Chat transcript information and text

7.Client data. Data available in the Visitor details tab of the agent app will be passed there

8.Download selected chat transcript in HTML or Text format

9.Exit button



Column chooser


Chat transcripts can be filtered by the following columns:


Client name - the name of the customer who initiated the chat

Agents - the agent who accepted and handled the chat

Started  - time when the chat was started

Chat length - the length of the chat

Messages in chat - the number of messages sent in chat

Client email - if an email field is added to the pre-chat survey and a customer enters it, the variable can be passed to the respective column in chat transcripts app

Called from page - the URL to the page where the chat button was clicked

Browser - customer's browser

IP - customers' IP address

OS - customer's operating system


If the field is not added to the list of fields, it can be dragged from the column chooser


Column chooser

Column chooser


To drag a field you need to do the following:


1.Click "Column chooser" icon (4)

2.Drag the needed field and drop it to the columns


How to drag a column from the column chooser

How to drag a column from the column chooser