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How to Become a Partner


Provide Support is continually seeking partnerships with complementary businesses and service providers. If you are a website designer, host provider, or software vendor, Provide Support is ready and able to meet your clients' live support needs.
The Provide Support partnership model is very uncomplicated and simple to sign up for. You are automatically subscribed as an affiliate when you create an account with us.
You don't have to be a paying customer to participate in our affiliate program. You can sign up for a free trial account, and use this account for affiliate tracking, even after the trial period ends.

How Does it Work

The Provide Support website has built-in tools to monitor the number of subscribers referred by you. Simply give your friends or clients the following web address to sign up:


Note! You need to replace your-account-name with your real account name.
If you run your own banner advertising campaign, you can embed this address into your banner.
When someone enters our website using the link above and creates a new account, your login name from that address will become permanently associated with that new account.


Benefits of Our Affiliate Program

Provide Support has a generous affiliate program that doesn't end with the first payment. As an affiliate, you receive 30 percent of the first subscription payment of all accounts created through your referral. Afterward, you receive 30 percent of all subsequent subscription payments by those customers.
For example, if you refer a new customer to our service, and he signs up with three operators for a total of $70 for three months, you will receive 30 percent of that amount: $21. Then every three months that this customer continues using our live chat service, you will receive 30 percent of the subscription payment. In this case, $21. These payments will continue as long as the customer remains subscribed.


Payment Methods

We can send your commission to your PayPal account or add it to your Provide Support account balance.