Account Stats

Account Stats Overview


Account statistics overview will provide you a general insight into your customer service team performance:



Account statistics example

Account statistics example


1.Data timeline overview: in the grid you can choose which values to display on the timeline and view their graphical representation

2.Visitor-initiated chats: the information about chats and pre-chat form loads for the whole account within selected time period

3.Proactive chats: the information about proactive chats sent by all operators within selected time period

4.Chat status: how long the account remained online and offline

5.Offline messages: the information about offline form loads and offline messages sent within selected time period.

6.Post chat survey: post chat survey results statistics

7.Clears all checked boxes

8.Export to CSV button


Agents success measuring


Post chat survey reporting will show you the success of your live chat agents. On the account level you will get the general satisfaction rate for all agents. If you would like to view rate per agent you would need to check statistics for operators. On this screenshot you can see the rates for default fields - "Politeness" and "Proficiency":

Post chat survey stats

Post chat survey stats


1.General Post Chat Survey rate for all live chat agents

2.Clears all checked boxes

3.Export to CSV button