Wire Transfer Payments

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Wire Transfer Payments



Wire transfer is one of the most expensive ways to pay for your subscription. We highly encourage our customers to give preference to credit card and PayPal payment options. They provide a secure, automatic and much cheaper solution to submit payments. If these alternatives are not available to you and you have chosen to wire funds, please consider the following:


You are responsible for all banking fees associated with wire transfer, which include not only the fees charged by the sending bank (typically $35-$50), but also the fees of intermediary banks, through which the money travels before reaching our account (add another $10-$20 for each correspondent bank), as well as receiving bank fees ($50). The Provide Support account in Citizens Bank  must be credited in the amount of "Invoice Total + $50". The receiving bank has no control over intermediary banks fees. To find out more on them, please refer to the section "High costs involved in a bank wire" down this page.


Following each transfer please email [email protected] and let us know there is a wire to expect. We will adjust the payment status of your account to prevent interruption of the service in case payment is delayed.


Please also read the important information below on hidden bank fees involved with wire transfers and other limitations on this payment method.


Things to consider before choosing wire transfer payment option


High costs involved in a bank wire


On average the sending bank will charge you $35-$50 for any outgoing international wire, though fees may vary from bank to bank. The costs, however, do not end there.


All international wire transfers, and most domestic ones, engage at least one (sometimes more) correspondent bank in order to deliver the money to the recipient. It is necessary when the sending and the receiving bank do not hold a reciprocal account with each other. A simplified representation would be:


Wire transfer scheme


Each bank in this chain charges a separate fee for processing your payment order. While you would typically pay the sending bank fee (the above mentioned $35-$50) separately, intermediate (correspondent) banks through which the transfer travels deduct fees from the money being transferred. Those are called "bene deduct fees" and usually appear as hidden costs to most users.


If the amount constituting the cost of the chosen subscription plan is reduced by wire transfer fees, we will issue a separate invoice to include the lacking amount, which may result in additional banking fees to complete a second transfer, or we will move your account to a different subscription plan with shorter billing period.


To take control over the banking fees you need to specify on the payment order form that you are to pay the correspondent bank fees. It may look different on forms issued by different banks. Sometimes you will see this in the "Details of Charges" section, where "Details of Charges - "OUR"" will advise the correspondent bank not to take an additional fee.



Wire transfer form example


It can also be represented as a "Pay Receiving Bank Charges" checkbox, where Receiving Bank will in reality stand for an intermediate bank.


How to pay transfer fee


If you are not sure which section of the payment order form refers to these charges, please consult your bank representative when submitting the order.


No fixed time for processing wire transfer transactions


Due to the involvement of intermediate banks the sending bank has no control over how long an international wire transfer will take to be received by the receiving bank. To prevent interruption of the service you need to notify us of a pending wire. We will adjust your account payment status accordingly and once the funds are received, add them to your account balance. For notification, you can contact our chat support, or email [email protected] mentioning your account name.


In case you have failed to notify us, at the expiration of the 10-day grace period account will be automatically locked by the system.


If after considering the above information you decided to choose wire transfer as your payment method, below are the details of our account which you will need to complete a transfer:


Provide Support LLC

Citizens Bank, Riverside, RI

Account # 8202255137

ABA Routing # 031101143