Our live chat system was created in August 2003.


We've made a lot of changes to our system since that time, added new features, released new software, improved both server and operator sides of the system.


Some major events important to our system are listed below:


December 2020

oOperator stats update - post chat survey statistics

Account Control Panel

oPossibility to choose chat window font


November 2020

New website design

Account Control Panel

oAuto closing for chats where a visitor left the conversation


October 2020

Account Control Panel

oInteractive chat window customization


September 2020

Account Control Panel

oEye Catcher feature released

oChat management - a possibility to close an inactive chat room automatically


August 2020

Account Control Panel

oFile transfer limitation


July 2020

oAria-label support in chat icons


June 2020

oShopify integration


May 2020

Account Control Panel

oPossibility to skip pre-chat survey

oPossibility to go right to the chat after chat window loading

Operator Console

oStand-alone console version 6.0.1

oStand-alone console version 6.0.3. with snipping tool and screenshots functionality


April 2020

oOperator online presence monitoring

oPossibility to remove "Powered by" label to active accounts

oWeb based console in modern design released


March 2020

oChat stats application


January 2020

oPure JavaScript Chat Button Code which allows integrating with various CMS and tag management systems


October 2019


Detailed integration instructions for WIX

Updates in the Account Control Panel / How to start section


September 2019

Operator Console

oAway status and improved notifications in Android and iPhone operator console apps


August 2019

Account Control Panel

oPossibility to upload a  company logo to embedded chat messenger

oAn ability to display / hide time stamps in embedded chat window

oPossibility to restrict / allow access to live chat from specific countries


July 2019

Android operator console version 1.0.14 was released on July, 2.


June 2019

Account Control Panel

Possibility to preview images, video files and listen to audio files in messenger without downloading

Modern chat window usability improvements

Recurring payments for PayPal

Possibility to create custom packages with any number of operator profiles

Forced logout for operators and operator status monitoring


May 2019

Possibility to send yourself chat transcript when closing chat window


April 2019

New chat icons for spring holidays

Account Control Panel

Modern chat window usability improvements

Possibility to send chat transcript when closing the chat conversation


March 2019

Integrations: WordPress plugin update for compatibility with latest WordPress version and modern chat window design

iPhone operator console version 1.0.9 was released on March, 25.


December 2018

Account Control Panel

Custom dropdown lists for pre-chat and leave a message forms

Alipay payment method added


November 2018

Account Control Panel

New payment method added - UnionPay

Stand-alone console version 5.9.3

Support for file drag-and-drop

Message input pane now fully supports Microsoft Pinyin for Chinese language


October 2018

Account Control Panel

New embedded chat messenger design is available in all new accounts by default

Possibility to exclude IP addresses from real time monitoring in the operator console


August 2018

Stand-alone console version 5.9.2

File transfer dialog

Account Control Panel

New embedded chat messenger design

Possibility to block IP address for particular account


July 2018

  Account Control Panel

Updates in chat transcripts sending. Now a chat transcript is sent after the chat session has been closed by an operator

Possibility to change time for displaying "No available operators" system message


June 2018

Account Control Panel

Personal data processing settings


April 2018

  Stand-alone console version 5.9.2

Console localization for German, Russian and Chinese is now available

The set of operating systems and browsers the Console can recognize was extended

Stability improvements were made, a couple of annoying bugs were fixed.


March 2018

  Account Control Panel

Canned responses export

Canned responses import

Deleting canned responses in a bulk

Canned responses transfer from one account to another


January 2018

  Account Control Panel

A possibility to define a separate email address for not accepted chats. Operators and Departments will receive all their chat transcripts including chat transcripts with not accepted chats.

A possibility to add custom fields to the invoices on the Billing / Billing Contact page

Creating multiple operator profiles from a spreadsheet

Chat transcripts sending via an encrypted channel


November 2017

Account Control Panel

A possibility to reassign canned responses when removing an operator or department


October 2017

Account Control Panel Billing:

Started accepting Bitcoin payments


July 2017

    Stand-alone console version 5.9.1

Improved connection options and possibility to hold connect within networks with unstable Internet connection

Improved user interface

New icons for modern OS and browsers

Improved Visitors list    

Possibility to copy and save to Clipboard Room details data

Displaying additional parameters in the chat room tab


January 2017
Possibility to sort canned responses, set of operators, departments and fields on the pre-chat and offline form with help of drag-and-drop method


September 2016

Stand-alone operator console 5.8.2:

Operator console for Retina displays

Redesigned console interface, icons and images

Improvements in secure connection libraries


September - December 2015

  Account Control Panel:

more security measures against DDoS attacks and spam

restrictions in using specific HTML tags,  javascript events handlers and calls to functions in system messages.

ViewStats application: was restored with new database type.


September 24, 2014

New features:

- 'Sent from' field for offline messages - this field shows a link to the website page where the offline chat button was clicked.

- 'Called from' field in chat transcripts and Room Details tab of the console - this field shows a link to the website page where the online chat button was clicked


September 10, 2014


- Google Analytics integration - possibility to track as events a number of initiated chats and sent offline messages

Account Control Panel:

- Affiliate accounts status tracking and new affiliate banners


January 01 - August 31, 2014

Integration instructions: BigCommerce, osCommerce, AmeriCommce, Squarespace, Shopify, Drupal, Weebly, X-Cart5, Pinnacle Cart, OpenCart, Prestashop, Magento Go, Volusion, 3dcart, CoreCommerce, Fortune 3, Zen Cart, CubeCart, MailChimp.

Control Panel:

- new fonts: Arial Narrow, Century Gothic, Lucida Console, Impact, Palatino

- Captcha as antiflooder protection

Web based operator console:

- file transfer

- chat invitation greeting message

- away status support

Website - new website design


November 25, 2013


Magento Module


October 28, 2013


Joomla module for Joomla 2.5. and 3.x versions


September 6, 2013


WordPress plugin version 1.0


January 2013 through May 2013


Chat icons were translated into Chinese

More new chat icons were designed and added to the website, including vertical chat icons

   Web-based operator console and Visitor Live Chat Messenger:

Fixed sound issue - a new technology was integrated for sound. Quick Time plugin is no longer required

   Stand-alone operator console

Zooming for Geo Location map

Improved Referrer parsing - now it is possible to see if Google secure search was used or if a visitor came by clicking on Google advertising link.

Social networks icons in Referrer field

More new icons for browsers, search engines and operation systems

Support for Pulse Audion sound framework in Linux consoles was implemented

Issues with symbols converting to emoticons has been fixed for 5.7.3 console release, Revision: 15174

   Account Control Panel:

More time zones were added for regional settings

Canned responses sorting with help of arrows directly in the account Control Panel


January 2012 through January 2013. Multiple internal system improvements were made, including server security updates.


New design of several pages

Chat icons were translated into more languages

Brand new chat icons and holiday chat icons were designed

  Account Control Panel:

New chat button code for floating chat icon was added

System messages fields now allow adding up to 102400 symbols.

Stand-alone Operator Console:

5.7.0 console version released

web kit engine support for stability of the application added

spell checker that uses Open Office dictionaries was built into this console version

possibility of changing fonts of the console messages input area implemented


March 2010 through December 2011.

   Account Control Panel:

Customizable Leave a Message Form added

Special Email field added for the Start Chat and Leave a Message Forms

Possibility of downloading an existing Post Chat Survey file added

Canned Responses grouping feature

Web based Operator Console:

File transfer up to 100 MB

Possibility of adding a greeting message when sending a proactive chat invitation

    Stand-alone Operator Console:

File transfer size limit increased from 10 MB to 100 MB

Possibility  of setting time period for displaying tray icon notifications


September 2009 through March 2010. A number of new features were added, a lot of improvements were made:

    Stand-alone Operator Console:

Legacy Visitors list view added.

Local Time column added to Visitors list.

"Party is typing..." notification added to chat room tabs.

Events notifications improved: tray icon notifications added, sound and visual alerts settings extended.

    Account Control Panel:

Language selection for Visitor Chat Messenger added to Account Regional Settings.

Our chat button code was improved and updated several times. Code versions available in the past few years are fully W3C compliant, they don't generate any warnings on the website and don't slow down the website loading.


Now we provide service for thousands of clients in more than 100 countries all over the world. Our Visitor Chat Messenger is translated into more than 20 languages.


April 2009:

 Stand-alone Operator Console version 5.2.2:

Co-browser added

Options window redesigned

Account Control Panel:

Billing system updated


December 2008 - Stand-alone Operator Console version 5.1.6. Visitor and Operator toolbars added, Canned Responses window improved.


November 2008:

Beta version of the new stand-alone Operator Console for Windows is published for downloading on our website

Our website design was changed

The system was switched to a new network protocol


September 2007 - Beta version of the stand-alone Operator Console for Mac OS and Linux released.


March 2007 - Post-chat Survey feature added.


November 2006 - File Transfer feature added and Call Distribution system implemented.


August 2006 - Stand-alone Operator Console version 4.0.17. Passing Info from Website to Operator Console feature added.


July 2006 - Stand-alone Operator Console version 3.3.23. Co-browsing feature, proxy support and error reporting added.


November 2005 - Stand-alone Operator Console version 3.3.1. Spell Checker for 5 languages and Geo Location Map added.


September 2005 - Major system update. New chat button code with faster page loading implemented.


May 2005 through November 2005. A good number of new great features were implemented:

Offline Settings to control chat behavior when all operators are offline or away

Possibility to customize the chat invitation background

"goto: URL" command to navigate visitors to needed pages from the Operator Console

Sound support for Firefox (through QuickTime plugin)


May 2005 - Stand-alone Operator Console version 3.2.0. Geo Location feature added. Geo Location feature allows the operator to see your website visitors' country, city, and other pertinent information. Clicking on the location link gives statistical information about the visitor's country.


February 2005 - Chat Invitation feature added. Now you can not only receive chat calls from your visitors but also initiate chats with them from the console.


August 2004 - First release of the stand-alone Operator Console for Windows.


April 2004 - First official release of the system. Web-based Operator Console release.