Getting Started

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Getting Started



It takes up to 15-20 minutes to add this chat tool to your website if you have access to the website source code.


To add the chat service to your website you need to:


1. Create an account in our system.

2. Add the chat button to your website.

3. Login to the Operator Console.


How to create an account


To create a free trial account in our system, please do the following:


1.Open our home page at

2.Click "Sign Up" link.

3.Choose account name and password and enter them to the "Free Trial Sign Up" form.

4.Specify your email. Please note! this should be a valid email as it will be used for password recovery purpose

5.Confirm that you've read and agree to our Terms of Service.

6.Press "Sign Up" button.


Signing up for our Free Trial does not obligate you to purchase a subscription, and you may cancel it anytime. No payment information is required for the trial; you simply need to choose your account name and password.


All information entered during account setup, such as your name or email address, will be used strictly for account related communication and service running and will not be disclosed to any third parties.


How to add the chat button to the site


To integrate the system with your website, please follow the instruction:


1.Log into your account Control Panel on our website.

2.Follow to the Chat Button Codes page.

3.Copy the chat button code you prefer to use from there (we recommend to use Fully Featured Chat Button Code with Uploadable Online / Offline Images).

4.Paste the code into your website source, to the place you would like the button to appear.


How to appear online


To appear online you need to login to the Operator Console.


You can use the web-based ( or the stand-alone ( Operator Console


To log into the console as an operator you need to enter:


your account name

operator login

operator password.


By default, there are three operator profiles in each new account. Operator login and password are available on the My Account / Operators and Departments page and can be updated there.