Provide Support's customers are located all over the world and belong to a wide variety of markets and industries. They use our service because they've found that live support improves customer relationships, increases revenue, boosts brand recognition, and reduces sales and support costs.

The following organizations have added Provide Support ® service to their websites. We thank them for letting us know what they think of our service and allowing us to post their comments on this page.

  • "Provide Support has been incredibly instrumental in boosting our sales. Our clients appreciate the ability to gain instant access to our project coordinators, to verify that we are not "robots" (in their words) and that we can answer their writing questions in immediate fashion (as opposed to sending emails and then waiting for responses). We, in turn, appreciate the ability to communicate with clients in a quick and easy fashion; it reduces the number of emails our servers must handle, and allows us the ability to move things along (again, as opposed to always waiting for emails to pass back and forth, which can take hours).

    Every time we chat with a client, we receive a written record of the conversation, which also assists us to track all of our many projects.

    Beyond its usefulness to our essay writing and research business, it's possibly the most user-friendly software we've incorporated into our daily procedures. Simply turning on the computer opens the console; to place the chats on hold is a breeze; and the console itself is extremely easy to navigate. Within seconds, we can see where our clients are; what their email addresses are; who is cruising our site; and so much more -- all in a very easy-to-read, easy-to-use console.

    We've only had one problem -- ever -- with the console, and that was on our end; Provide Support had upgraded but we had not, and that caused a slight glitch. But no worries! Five minutes on live chat with Provide Support operators and we learned what the problem was as well as how to solve it. Almost never is it this easy to get assistance with such issues!

    In all, our project coordinators have gone from skeptical to sold; live chats in general clearly boost business, and Provide Support Live Chats make it easy for us to offer chats to our clients. We recommend Provide Support for all online businesses that are seeking greater interaction with their clients (and, in turn, increased profits)."

    Anna Popielarz
    General Manager
  • "Since introducing our live chat option to our website, we have experienced improved customer satisfaction with our online service, which has resulted in a direct increase on our conversion rate. The Online Chat tool provided by Provide Support has allowed our support staff to communicate both effectively and efficiently with our customers and assist in the delivery of increased revenues for the group."

    Deirdre Ryan
    Online Marketing Manager
  • "We are a family run manufacturer of photo frames, event folders and specialty gift packaging and manage multiple websites. Each website has a distinct customer and has been tailored toward resellers and distributors of our products as well as the end-user / consumer. Giving EVERY customer the ability to ask questions on the fly has been paramount to our success. It has been our experience that having an online chat feature gives customers the feeling that a "real" person is there to help them... just like in a brick and mortar storefront.

    Because our websites are open every day of every hour, it is important to make sure customers feel comfortable with their purchases. Designing and maintaining our own websites, we sometimes are too close to our products and assume everyone understands how things work or what their benefits are. When we see customers routinely asking the same things, we make sure to add that information to our product features, giving customers added assurance that what they are getting is what they are expecting.

    We shopped around and looked extensively at a number of different chat options for our sites. While the other companies offered us a chatting feature, being able to upload directly within the chat window and the co-browser features made the final decision to partner with Provide Support an easy one that we have never regretted."

    Kevin Hughes
    Sales Manager
  • "We joined last year and only after a month or two, we had to upgrade our package due to the popularity of this service. It soon became apparent that our clients not only expected but enjoy online chat facility and appreciate the fact that they can discuss the dental queries with our team.

    The canned responses and file sending facility are very useful, and saves us a lot of time and energy. With these two additional functions, the online chat support has proved to be a very effective and useful tool, better than telephone and faster than email.

    Online chat helps build trust for our website visitors, hence they are more likely to book a consultation. And, considering the price of a dental implant placement, this means the Provide Support chat solution has a very good ROI...

    In our opinion, you will see a definite upswing of visitors making enquiries if you offer the chat facility."

    Agnes Tuba