Provide Support's customers are located all over the world and belong to a wide variety of markets and industries. They use our service because they've found that live support improves customer relationships, increases revenue, boosts brand recognition, and reduces sales and support costs.

The following organizations have added Provide Support ® service to their websites. We thank them for letting us know what they think of our service and allowing us to post their comments on this page.

  • "We joined last year and only after a month or two, we had to upgrade our package due to the popularity of this service. It soon became apparent that our clients not only expected but enjoy online chat facility and appreciate the fact that they can discuss the dental queries with our team.

    The canned responses and file sending facility are very useful, and saves us a lot of time and energy. With these two additional functions, the online chat support has proved to be a very effective and useful tool, better than telephone and faster than email.

    Online chat helps build trust for our website visitors, hence they are more likely to book a consultation. And, considering the price of a dental implant placement, this means the Provide Support chat solution has a very good ROI...

    In our opinion, you will see a definite upswing of visitors making enquiries if you offer the chat facility."

    21 Feb, 2012
    Agnes Tuba
  • "People come to our web site from all over NJ and NYC metro area in search for the best moving companies. Moving is a stressful event and our site visitors often require rea-time answers to their questions from a professional moving consultant:
    from getting a free moving quote and requesting an in-home estimate to claims, insurance, and billing.

    Provide Support offered an affordable yet robust live chat solution to our needs and additoinal reassurance to our customers. We have been using Provide Support since 2010 and it it has been indispensable in serving our new and existing customers.

    Highly recommended!"

    January 10, 2012
    Gil Kohen
    Customer Service Manager
  • "Provide Support has enabled my company to better support clients that prefer to order supplies via the web. In business there's nothing better than a product that does what it claims at a price that won't break the bank. Thank you."

    Steven Woodall
  • "We have been very pleased with Provide Support's live online chat system. We used another similar service previously and decided to switch to yours because it had more of the features we wanted and was a better value. Since switching, both our employees that use it and our customers have been very happy. We enjoy being able to separate our chats by department so the customers are directed to the right person. And the emoticons allow our chat operators to add some personality and extra friendliness to the chats, which we feel makes our customers more comfortable. We also love having transcripts of each chat emailed so we can refer back to them later. That comes in very handy!"

    Doneen St.John
  • "We used another chat client previously, and switched to Provide Support mainly because the value far exceeded the competitor, while still providing us with a great chat interface. The code and instructions are clear and easy to use, and Provide Support does just that -- they provide great support to their clients. When I contacted Provide Support for technical support, they were very knowledgeable, helpful, and patient! The chat icon looks great on our website, and we love that our clients have the option to contact us online! Thank you, Provide Support!"

    July 22, 2011
    Jenny Cleveland
    Academic Problem Solver
  • "The ProvideSupport messaging system has allowed our team an innovative new way to service our clients' enquiries. The solution was very easy to set up, to use and the cost is minimal. I have completed entire sales with customers purely through the messaging system. Our staff experience greater productivity whilst using the product as they can contact other staff and telephone people whist dealing with the customers' issues. The image that is gives our company is fantastic too. People are always excited and impressed with the ease of use and gives people great confidence when trading with us. It is a product that I would recommend whole-heartedly. Thank you!"

    Updated January 25, 2011
    Sujan Shah
    Managing Director
  • "We have been using Live Chat Solutions since 2001 for our web hosting and domain name customers.

    Having already used two other competitive live chat software, on 2005 we decided to switch to Provide Support, mainly because the pricing model was very flexible, easy to understand and most of all, fair.

    Beyond low pricing and clear billing, the chat server works fine all the time, we never experienced interruptions in service or downtime.

    The client software runs smoothly on our computers, the support is always happy to help and there's has a pretty good level of customization/localization built-in.

    We are servicing dozens of customers on a daily basis and it saves us time and money, because it helps answer common or complicated questions and solve matters instantly and provide a higher level of support than the competition.

    It helps us keep our customers satisfied and happy, increase client loyalty and spread our good fame!

    After our switching to Provide Support, some of our web hosting competitors in Greece have also signed-up with P/S, and this is one of the best proofs that we have made the right choice!"

    September 22, 2010
    Ioannis E. Farazoumis
    dnHost General Manager