Provide Support's customers are located all over the world and belong to a wide variety of markets and industries. They use our service because they've found that live support improves customer relationships, increases revenue, boosts brand recognition, and reduces sales and support costs.

The following organizations have added Provide Support ® service to their websites. We thank them for letting us know what they think of our service and allowing us to post their comments on this page.

  • "Provide Support's on-line chat has empowered our customers, given them a choice in tools for reaching Blackfoot. Business has become 'on the go' and having this channel of support has enabled an easily accessible portal to Blackfoot, for our clients, while allowing Blackfoot to maintain an interacting customer service experience."

    February 13, 2017
    Windy Petersen
    Customer Operations Supervisor
  • "Thanks to the cutting edge technology engineered by Provide Support we were able to become one of the first (if not the first) online only firm of UK accountants providing a real time live chat facility to clients. The facility has been exceptionally reliable and valued by 100’s of our clients for more than a decade"

    September 14, 2016
    Accountant 2U Direct
  • "Information Technology Services (ITS) at Florida State University uses this feature at the Service Desk level to provide our customers (including faculty, staff, students, alumni, prospective students, and visitors to our university) assistance with IT services. An average of ten ITS Service Desk representatives are logged into the Provide Support chat system on a daily basis and our department uses this feature to assist approximately 1,400 customers a year. Our customers have remarked on enjoying the ease of access that this chat feature provides, while our Service Desk representatives find it to be a useful tool and medium through which to assist our customers with their various issues, requests, and concerns. Specifically our Service Desk representatives appreciate and frequently utilize the ability to create, edit, and use canned responses, to invite other agents into active chat sessions, and to view full chat transcripts, all of which enhance our productivity."

    Updated April 26, 2016
    David Letourneau
    Service Desk Support Technician
    Information Technology Services
  • "Provide Support's software is well-designed, and it does a vital job to help us keep instant contact with our valued clients globally. Provide Support is a reliable service provider that never fails to deliver good solutions. We can recommend their Live Chat and Traffic Monitoring system capabilities to any business that takes service excellence serious."

    February 16, 2016
    Katja Quasdorf
    Marketing Director
  • "Our experience, as a company, with Provide Support, so far is excellent!!! We have received excellent treatment whenever we needed to contact Provide Support.

    The answers are accurate and meaningful while employees are always courteous and patient in our discussions!!! The live chat services provided are of high quality, user friendly and very usable.

    Keep up the good work!!!"

    Nikos Feratis
  • "ADE Incorporated has used Provide Support as part of our toolbox for many years. Our customers love it, and the immediacy of our response time has improved our customer service. Using Provide Support is one of the best decisions we have made."

    February 15, 2016
    Jim Haggerty
    Program Director
  • "We've had our eCommerce Store open for over 10 years. During 9 of those we offered Live Chat Support via Live Person (LP). LP started us with a teaser low monthly rate and jacked it up annually until it was an exorbitant amount. LP held no regard for our tight finances as a small business. We also experienced repeated LP system outages and failures.

    Then it all changed. While personally shopping on another eCommerce site, I needed to use their chat feature. After a successful chat resulting in a purchase, I saw tiny little letters on the chat window - Powered by Provide Support. A few clicks later, a couple of page reads on the Provide Support website, I thought 'this is pretty powerful -- must be expensive'. I clicked on the pricing page and was delighted to see a fair and comprehensive pricing structure. I did the free trial, cut and pasted some code and was up and running. Just two days later - cancelled the old, expensive LP and, and prepaid for a full year of Provide Support.

    Provide Support has been great ever since. I discover more features every day and am a happy customer. With Provide Support - the switch was easy, and we are saving hundreds and hundreds of dollars."

    September 2, 2015
    Patrick Dotterweich