Room details

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Room details



Room Details tab contains information about active chat room participants.


Room Details

Room Details


1.Visitor name entered on the Start Chat Form. If there is no field to enter name, Guest name will be used

2.Information entered to fields on the Start Chat Form

3.Called from - The link to the page where the live chat button was clicked

4.Visitor's location and local time - this information is passed from visitors list

5.Visitor's IP and host name - this information is passed from visitors list

6.Current Page - the link to the page where the visitor clocked the chat button

7.Referrer - the link to the page where the customer came from or the reference to the search engine and key words used to find the website

8.Visitor's browser, OS and User Agent - information about visitor's operating system and browser

9.Operator's details. If there are several operators in the chat room, each operator's details will be displayed

10.Save as - this option allows saving visitor's details to a text file

11.Copy to clipboard - this option allows copying visitor's data to the clipboard


Information about the visitor displayed in Room Details tab will be added to the chat transcript.