Pushing pages and сo-browsing

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Pushing pages and сo-browsing

Pushing pages


Pushing pages means navigating your visitor to needed web pages using special commands in the chat.


To push pages to your visitor you can use the following commands:


open: URL

goto: URL


Simply type the command followed by a colon, space and the URL, e.g.:


goto: http://www.mywebsite.com/catalog/item1265.html


open command will try to open a new browser window but it can be blocked by the visitor's popup blocker.

goto command will open the page in a current browser window therefore it cannot be blocked


These commands can be used in any chat session, no matter whether it was initiated by a visitor or operator, even if the visitor has already left your website.




Co-Browsing means following and navigating visitors on your website. Using the Co-browser you can see the pages your visitors are browsing, print them out, click links on them to push pages to visitors having active chat sessions with you. You can co-browse several visitors concurrently.


The Co-browser works in two modes:


Follow Mode: you can follow your visitors on your website pages without a possibility to navigate. This mode is available when you start a Co-browser session for any visitors from the visitors list of your console or for any invited visitor.

Follow and Navigate Mode: you can both follow and navigate your website visitors on your website pages. This mode is available only for those visitors who have initiated the chat session by clicking on the chat button or chat link on your website.


How to start co-browsing


To start a Co-browser session, please do the  following:


1.Select a visitor in the Visitors Tab of your console

2.Click on the Co-Browser button in the toolbar or right click on the visitor and choose Open Co-browser from the context menu

3.Open the Co-Browser tab in the console to see the Co-browser session


cobrowser session

How to open Co-browser session

Possible errors


Co-browser navigation function is not available


Navigation not available warining

Navigation not available warining


In case you get the error message like shown on the above screenshot this means you are trying to navigate the visitor who is not in an active chat session with you. Another possible reason can be related to several chat button codes added to your website or  to using a No Script Code in combination with Hidden Code for Visitor Monitoring.


Please note! The Co-browser works in the navigation mode only if the chat session has been initiated by the visitor. In case of monitoring or chat invitation the Co-browser will work only in the follow mode and will not allow you to navigate the visitor on your website pages.


Co-browser does not work when visitors access password protected pages


The Co-browser does not work on password protected pages, there is no possibility to use this tools on the password protected area of your website


The Co-browser tab is empty


If the Co-browser tab is empty this means you have not started any Co-browser session. Please start Co-browser sessions for specific visitors and you will see their pages in separate tabs in your Co-browser tab.