Other possible customizations

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Other possible customizations



Some customizations that can be applied to the chat messenger can be performed from our side only. To request customizations or check possibility of customization, please call to our support chat. We perform all customizations within 24 hours.


Note! All customizations made from our side except translating the account are available for Active accounts only and not available for Trial accounts.


Images customization


We don't do graphic design for chat icons or any other images. Such customizations should be done on your side: by your graphic designer or a company specialized on such services.




There's no possibility to fully rebrand the system.


We can remove the "Powered by..." label at the bottom right corner of the chat messenger on your demand. You can also upload images with your company logo to the header and chat invitation.


We cannot put another company name to the ‘Powered by…’ label. We also cannot mask our URL in the chat messenger title bar and status bar. This is a security feature in the latest browsers - they show the real URLs only.