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Monitoring allows you to see all current visitors of your website, track their navigation, get some additional information about them from your website scripting if needed.


If chat button code which supports monitoring is added to your web page, you can see all current visitors' details in Visitors tab and visual representation of their location in Geo Location tab.


Monitoring is enabled in the Operator Console only if Visitors or Geo Location tab is opened. In all other cases monitoring is disabled in order to save your Internet traffic.


We offer the ability to see monitoring information in the real time only, it's not stored in the current version of our system.


Visitors list


You can find more information about Visitors list here.


Number of visitors in the System Tray


The Console can display the number of current website visitors in its tray icon. You can enable this feature in your profile settings, General tab.


Note! This feature works only if monitoring is enabled in the Console.


Geo Location map


Geo Location map is located in Geo Location tab in the Operator Console. It displays geographic location of your website current visitors.


All visitors are marked with red dots on the map.


Sometimes the number of dots doesn't coincide with the number of visitors in Visitors tab. Main reasons of this are the following:


The map doesn't support auto zooming currently. If there are several visitors from similar location, several dots can be grouped to one. However, if you you enable full screen mode, the map will be zoomed in.


How to set full screen mode


If visitor's geographic location is not detected by the system, the visitor is not displayed on the map.


Geo Location map

Geo Location map


All visitors' locations are marked with red dots on the map

New visitors are marked with a "New" tooltip on the map. The tooltip is displayed for a certain time, you can setup this time in the console options

Visitors who are navigating to another page at the moment are marked with green circles

Context menu which opens by right clicking on the Geo Location map offers 3 options:

Hide Legend - by selecting this option a legend displayed in the left bottom corner will be hidden

Full Screen On/Off - allows opening your Geo Location map in the full screen mode

Options - will open the Options window, where you can configure Geo Location tab settings


You can change Geo Location map appearance in the console options.




If you wish the console to play a sound when a new visitor enters the website, you need to enable New Visitor Entered the Site alert in the profile settings Notifications tab.

Note! New visitor alert works only when the Visitors or Geo Location tab is opened in the console. In all other cases the monitoring feature turns off to save the traffic and system resources.


Technical details


Monitoring speed


Real-time website monitoring information updates every 10-20 seconds for all current visitors. If the visitor's current page is changed, information for this visitor is changed immediately.


It takes up to 50-60 seconds for new visitors to appear in the list.


When the visitor leaves the website, this visitor's details disappear from Visitors list, but all information about this visitor is kept by the system for 5 minutes, until the session time is expired. If the visitor returns to the website during these 5 minutes, he/she will be considered as an existing visitor and the navigation history will be restored. If the visitor returns to the website in more than 5 minutes, he/she will be considered as a completely new visitor.


Number of visitors


Our system usually shows less visitors than your own web-site statistics. Main reasons:


Our system shows only real users with browsers, not crawlers

Our system updates monitoring information more often than most of other services

Chat button or visitor monitoring code is not installed on all pages of your website


Geographical location


We use the most up-to-date commercial database to detect visitors' location. We update the database monthly.


Sometimes the visitor's geographical location is not detected or detected incorrectly. Possible reasons are:


1.Visitor is using proxy or anonymizer to hide the real IP address

2.Visitor's ISP published inaccurate information to the database


Possible issues


Each visitor is displayed several times in the console


This means that there are several chat button codes supporting monitoring added to the page. The extra code should be removed or replaced with a code without monitoring. Please contact your web master or account administrator to solve this issue.


Visitor's location not detected or detected incorrectly


This issue is related to the database used by our system. Most probably it will be fixed after the next database update.


Visitor is not visible in the console


The issue usually occurs if chat button code that doesn't support monitoring is used on the page. The solution is to use a code which supports monitoring instead. Please contact your web master or account administrator to solve this issue.


Visitors list doesn't refresh


This issue can occur if the console temporary lost the connection to the server and couldn't restore it for some reason. The solution is to restart the console.