How to Login or Create a New Account

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How to Login or Create a New Account

How to Create a New Account


To start using Provide Support Live Chat on your website, you need to register an account first. For testing purposes the free 10-day fully functional trial is available.


Creating a new account WordPress

Creating a new account WordPress


You need to follow just three easy steps to register and start using the service:


1.Specify your desired account name in Provide Support Live Chat system

2.Set your account Control Panel password. You will use this password to get access to live chat settings in your WP admin panel and to log into the account Control Panel on Provide Support website.

3.Specify your email address. Please note! This should be a valid email address as it will be used for system notifications and password recoveries in future

4.Click 'Create Account and Connect' button.


How to Login


If you already have an account, you'd need to log into it to proceed to plugin settings and place the chat button:


Existing account

Existing account


1.Insert your account name here

2.Insert your account password here

3.Click 'Connect to Account' button