How to login and appear online

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How to login and appear online

How to login


To login to the Operator Console, please start it using the way specific for your operating system (e.g. you can run the console on Windows by clicking the Live Support Chat for Web Site shortcut or quick launch icon in your taskbar) and fill in the following form with:


your account name

your operator login

your operator password


Then please click Login


Operator Console Login Form

Stand-alone Operator Console login form


Your Operator Console should be in Online state to receive chat calls. Please make sure that your status is Online after logging in. You can do this in the console main menu File / My Status.


Appearing online problems


If you've logged in the Operator Console but the chat button on your website is still offline, please do the following:


Check if your Operator Console is not in Away state. If yes, change the state to Online via menu File / My Status

If you are logged in to the Operator Console and your status is Online but the chat button on your website is still offline, you need to check settings in the account Control Panel, Operators and Departments page. There should be at least one department created in the account and one operator assigned to it. If you don't have an access to the account Control Panel, please ask your account administrator to do this.