Geo Location

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Geo Location

Geo Location


You can change the Geo Location map appearance in this tab.


Geo Location Tab

Geo Location Tab


We offer two color schemes for the map:


Sky is the default one. It matches the console colors

Mission Control is like a computer game map


Show Legend option hides/shows the legend in the map's left bottom corner. You can also hide/show the legend via context (right mouse button click) menu on the Geo Location tab in the console.


With Show "New Visitor" tool tip during X seconds option you can setup for how long the NEW tool tip over new visitors' marks should be displayed on the map.


Show Clocks option will show the time periods at the bottom of the map.


If you would like the night period to be shown on the map, enable Show Night Shadow option.


Use Colorize Time Zones and Show Day/Night Shadow options to be able to see in what time zone your visitors are and to check if there is day or night in their location.


Please find more information about the Geo Location map here.