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You can setup visual and sound alerts on certain events, e.g. visitor call, new visitor enters the site, etc.


To setup alerts for a particular event, please click this event's name in the list.


Notifications Tab

Notifications Tab




Sound alert


Sound alert plays a certain sound on certain events. Please check Play Sound Alert option in the particular event section to enable this alert.


You can adjust sound volume for each alert. Please press Test button to listen to the alert sound and volume.


Visual alert


Visual alert raises the console up or makes it flash in the Task Bar. Please check Raise Operator Console's main window option in the particular event section to enable this alert.


Please check Grab the Input Focus option if you wish the console to raise up and steal the input focus.

Please check Flash in the Task Bar option if you wish the console to blink in the Task Bar only. If you also check except if main window is active option, the console will not blink in your Task Bar when it is active and you are working in it.


System tray notification


Check Display a notification in the System Tray during xx seconds option if you wish the console to display a popup notification about the event in the system tray. You can set here the time your notification is being displayed. If you would like to get such notifications only when the console is inactive, please check except if main window is active option.

Notifications corner option allows selecting the corner of the screen where the notification will be displayed. By default on Windows notifications are displayed in the bottom right corner. It is possible select from four available options: bottom left, bottom right, top left and top right.




On New Visitor Entered the Site


This event works only if monitoring is enabled (Visitors or Geo Location tab is opened) in the console.


Other events


Other events (On Visitor Call, On Operator To Operator Call, On System Message, On User Message) work all the time the console is logged in.


Play sound method


Play sound method is common for all sound alerts and all profiles created in the console. You can choose either DirectSound or standard Windows method to play alerts sounds. This option can be useful if you are experiencing some problems with playing alerts in the console.


Custom sounds


You can change the sound for any alert. To do this you’d need to place your own sound files into the console's sound folder.


Note! You should keep the file name and format, otherwise the sound won't be picked up by the console. The file should be mono.




The console stores sound files in its installation folder, subfolder 'sound'. By default its location is the following: C:\Program Files (x86)\Provide Support\Operator Console\sound. If you've installed the console to some custom location, then you'd need to change files in this custom folder.  




To change console sounds on macOS, please follow the instruction:


1.Open Finder / Applications

2.Right click (or Ctrl+click) on ProvideSupportConsole and choose Show Package Contents menu item

3.Open Contents / macOS / Sound folder

4.Replace needed .wav files with your own ones. Please use the same file format and same file names.