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You can specify connection options for your console in this tab.


Connection Tab

Connection Tab


Proxy Settings


Please note that if you use a proxy server, the connection to our servers could be worse depending on the proxy reliability.


You can choose one of the three possible options:


Use Internet Explorer Proxy Settings - the console will use the same proxy settings as used in your Internet Explorer browser.

Direct connection to Internet - no proxy settings will be used by the console.

Use Custom Proxy Server for plain connections - you need to specify custom proxy settings for the console if you choose this option.


Note! Proxy settings are applied only if plain connection is enabled in your account Control Panel. For secure connection only direct connection to Internet is used.




You can choose on of the two possible options:


Keep log file until first successful connect - please choose this option if your console works well.

Keep log file permanently - this option is needed for troubleshooting only. Using it permanently can cause the log file fast growth.


Secure Connection Troubleshooting


When using a secure connection for chats, there may be issues with logging into the operator console. Such issues can be related to secure connection errors which may occur depending on your local operation system configuration. Sometimes the only way to keep secure connection working is to ignore them by checking the following checkboxes:


Ignore "The issuer certificate of a locally looked up certificate could not be found" error

Ignore "The root CA certificate is not trusted for this purpose" error.