Website Traffic Statistics Viewer


Information about top traffic sources to your website, operating systems and browsers mostly used by your visitors, most visited pages of your website, visitors' countries, ISPs, etc.

Visits' summary

Information about visits to your website grouped by different parameters – time (year, month, day, hour), country, ISP, referrer, etc. Information about each visit is very detailed, just as you see it in our Operator Console, plus date and time of the visit.

Traffic charts

Charts displaying average number of visits, page views, time spent on your website during the selected reporting period.

Visit details

Detailed information about each particular visit to your website – all visited pages, time spent on each page, referrer and keywords if any, visitor's geo location, and technical details.

Flexible reporting period

You can select any reporting period within the period when traffic statistics tracking was enabled in your account Control Panel.

Multiple profiles support

You can view website traffic statistics for any number of accounts. You would only need to create profiles for all accounts you would like to track in ViewStats Profile Manger. A separate ViewStats instance will be opened for each account.

How to start using Provide Support ViewStats

  • Activate traffic statistics tracking in your account Control Panel / Account Settings / Web Site Statistics page. Once tracking is enabled, our system will start gathering all visitor monitoring results into a database, so in several hours after enabling statistics tracking you will be able to see the first results in ViewStats application

  • Download ViewStats installation pack. Run it and follow the installation wizard instructions

  • After the installation is completed, run ViewStats using its shortcut on your computer Desktop or via Start menu

  • Enter your account name and account password, and press 'Start Synchronization' button to start synchronization with the statistics server. During the synchronization, all data available for your account is being loaded to your computer in raw format.
    Statistics building will start automatically after the synchronization. You would need to wait till the building process is completed. Then statistics data will be available for viewing in ViewStats application