Customizable Start Chat and Leave a Message Forms

Provide Support’s customizable Start Chat and Leave a Message Forms will help you in collecting as many details as possible from your customers to give them a head start with the conversation, streamlining the customer service process.

Customizable Start Chat Forms
Customizable Start Chat Forms

The Start Chat From allows you to collect additional info about your visitors. You can add there the fields you’d like your visitors to fill out and this way get as many details from them as you need. This is really important in case you have a necessity to follow up your customers, call them back or just add their details to your database. During your chat sessions with customers those details will appear in the Room Details tab of your operator console and later you’ll find them at the bottom of your chat transcripts.  >>>

New Easter Chat Icons Now available

22 March, 2012

For the coming season of spring holidays we have prepared for our users a new set of chat icons. In our gallery at you will find custom-designed chat icons for Easter and Passover holidays.

Spring Holiday Image Gallery
Chat Icons for Spring Holidays

Pick the ones you like for your website and share your spirituality with everyone.

Our team sincerely hopes that the coming holidays will bring love and peace into your families and your hearts. Don’t miss to share it!

Adding a greeting to the chat invitation from the web console now possible

17 February, 2012

Our old time users may remember that not long ago we were advising them of the impossibility to add a greeting on sending the chat invitation via the web-based chat client. As a work-around solution we offered them to embed a greeting into the invitation background picture, or after all switch to the more functional standalone console. >>>

Header Images translated into several languages

25 January, 2012

Good news for our overseas customers.  We have translated the header images in our gallery into several additional languages: Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish!

To see the gallery in your language, click the respective language tab below the sample header image at

The red arrow in the screenshot below will help you locate the language bar.

Live Chat Header Pictures
Header Image Gallery


Live Chat Invitations now available in several languages

22 January, 2012

Dear friends, we have added to our gallery background images for chat invitations, translated in several additional languages: Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

You may find them at the following link:

To choose your language, click the respective language tab in the top left above the gallery images. See the red arrow pointer in the picture below.

Chat Invitation Background Images
Chat Invitation Image Gallery

Wherever you are on the planet, we want to make you feel at home on our website.

Our team sincerely hopes that the chat graphics in your own language will make you feel more welcome and relaxed and facilitate your experience with Provide Support.