Useful tips for improving your customer support experience

  • Use Real Time Visitors Monitoring and Passing Information Code to follow your online visitors, see their activities on your website and pass additional details about them to your customer support representatives.
  • Follow and navigate your visitors by using a Co-browser feature, facilitate their online experience on your website.
  • Get in touch with hot prospects while they are browsing your website by sending proactive chat invitations.
  • Streamline your support process by utilizing a send file feature, which allows sending files up to 100 Mb in chat.
  • Make your customers comfortable sharing sensitive data by enabling our industry-strength 256-bit secure connection. >>>

How to make Live Chat pay off

How to make a good use of a Live Chat on my website? How to make customer support agents’ time pay for itself? These are the questions online retailers ask every time they implement a Live Chat tool on their websites.

Online shoppers prefer Live Chat over other communication channels

E-Tailing Group reports that 72% of online shoppers consider live chat very important when buying gifts online. Taking into account this statistics you might want to start offering Live Chat support to your customers immediately. But in the rush to help customers via Live Chat many jumped in without reviewing all chat features and making good use of them. >>>

Live Chat use is on the rise

According to various researches a significant growth of Live Chat tool usage over previous years has been revealed. More and more online shoppers prefer a Live Chat communication method over email and phone support channels. Adding live human interaction to websites has become a trend over the past couple of years. And now the first thing you do, when having questions about some items or shipping policy, is to click on a chat button and start a conversation with a customer support representative. And what happens if you do not find such button? Do you stay on that website or leave it? The answer is obvious. A Live Chat tool has become a part of successful business helping to drive leads, website traffic and improve customers’ satisfaction and loyalty. And of course users have become addicted to this type of online service. Think about it – Live Chat software allows you to connect with your prospects immediately and of course will become a positive addition to your customer care department arsenal.

How to take the most out of Real Time Visitors Monitoring

Real Time Visitor Monitoring
Real Time Visitors Monitoring and Geo Location

Did you know that with enabled Real Time Visitor Monitoring on your website it’s possible not only to see visitors in your operator console but also to proactively invite them or follow their navigation with a Co-browser? But that’s not all. Would you like to see the content of your visitors’ shopping carts? This is fairly easy with Provide Support Live Chat system! What you need to do is just to use our special code for this – Passing Information Code and generate it for the variables you’d like to pass to your console. And then enjoy viewing what your customers have chosen to purchase in the Custom Fields Column of your console. >>>