Why Your Company’s Customer Service Culture Matters (Infographic)

People who work in your company create the atmosphere your customers feel when they interact with your team. Well trained and friendly employees will always provide high quality customer service, but how to achieve this? The task of creating a customer focused culture is not as easy as it seems to be. There are always a lot of obstacles which prevent your customer service from being perfect. However, if you develop the right strategy and follow it, you will succeed.

In this blog post I would like to offer an infographic which provides not only useful recommendations but also valuable lessons from customer service stars. These companies have been providing the best customer service for years and they are famous not only for their services and products but also for their customer service culture. >>>

Live Chat Etiquette Basics. How to Ask Questions Correctly

Live Chat Etiquette Basics
Live Chat Etiquette Basics

“Judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers.” ― Voltaire

Properly and politely asked questions always make a good impression on customers. They create an atmosphere of friendliness and encourage customers to come back again and again. Normally it is not enough to answer questions politely, it is also important to put questions properly, show respect and polite attitude. In this blog post I would like to share some live chat etiquette ideas about this. Here they are:

Smile when asking questions

We can ask questions in a different way but if we want to provide a memorable customer experience we need to express our friendliness and desire to better assist not only while answering questions but also while asking them. Just compare these two questions: >>>

How to Choose the Right Customer Service Strategy (Infographic)

Your products or services can be the best on the market but if you don’t treat your customers well, you can kiss your business goodbye. Developing the right strategy for your customer service will help you both attract new customers and keep your existing ones. The great customer service begins with being employee focused. Only happy and satisfied employees will treat your customers well and provide them excellent customer service experience.

On the other hand, if your employees are not happy with your company strategy they will not care about what your customers feel. So, before you start developing the right customer service strategy you first need to focus on your employees and ensure they are happy with their jobs and do their best to boost your business. >>>

8 Workspace Safety Tips for Customer Support Agents

Customer Service Team Workspace Security
Customer Service Team Workspace Security

In our modern digital world security is the highest priority for organizations, both big and small. Not only data but also personal space of employees should be protected. Your company may have its own set of security rules and guidelines. But here are some general tips that can help to create and promote a safer work environment of your customer service team. These tips include general security rules for keeping your data protected and your customer service team workspace organized and safe.

For employees:

1. Ensure your data is protected

While working with customers various data including sensitive information like credit card numbers, personal information, etc. is shared. Organizations use special security tools to process and store such type of data. However, there are also important guidelines to follow by employees. They will help to keep information protected and avoid data leakage: >>>

How to Choose the Best Customer Support Options for your Ecommerce Website

Customer Service Channels
Customer Service Channels

When starting an online business your main concern is the communication channels your customers will use to get in touch with your team. Personalized and prompt customer service gives you an edge over the bigger and more well-known competition. No matter how user friendly your ecommerce website and shopping cart are, your customers may want to contact you with some questions or just to ensure your business is “alive” and they will not be deceived. That is why it is important to offer not only a top-notch customer service, but also to provide access to various ecommerce website communication channels which your customers can use to get in touch with your customer care team. In this blog post I decided to describe advantages and disadvantages of those ecommerce customer service options which will help you to provide exceptional customer service, win loyal customers and grow your business. >>>

Customer Service Staff Turnover. The Real Cost (Infographic)

Have you ever calculated how much it costs when your customer service agents leave? The figures will be shocking when you take into account all investments in training, hiring costs and your team spirit. The turnover rates for customer service agents vary depending on the country. The highest is in Philippines due to hard working conditions and low salary and the lowest rate is in EU.

In our new infographic we highlighted most important reasons for your customer service agents to leave and provided some useful recommendations which will help to improve your employees turnover rate. >>>

How to Prepare for Customer Service Emergencies

Customer service emergencies
Customer service emergencies

“Plans are worthless, but planning is everything.” – President Dwight D. Eisenhower.
If your team is properly trained and faces all customer service challenges efficiently without any confusions and rudeness then your business will boost and the number of loyal customers will increase. However, if there is any room left to confusion, ignorance, fear and mistakes, then your customer service team is not as brilliant and well trained as it should be.

There are common situations when your customer service agents can be taken aback and lose control of themselves or the situation. In this blog article I would like to highlight some challenges your customer service team may face and give some recommendations on how to handle them efficiently and gain control over the situation.


The Truth About Multitasking in Customer Service [Infographic]

Today we cannot deny that multitasking has become an inevitable fact of any customer care agent’s workflow. It is really shocking as we all know that multitasking causes drops in productivity and increases the number of errors made by customer service reps. No matter what kind of customer service options your company provides, your team faces the multitasking challenge on a daily basis and nothing can be done to prevent this. All of us have been in the situation when while composing an email we have to answer a phone call or accept a live chat request. Our attention is drawn to another task and our initial task and the chain of thoughts are interrupted.  >>>

Social Media Customer Service: Why It Can’t Be Ignored [Infographic]

In this age of growing customer service demands social media cannot be used only for marketing purpose. More and more customers post their complaints, questions and share their experience about different companies through social media channels. Those brands which assist their customers in Facebook, Twitter, monitor forums and discussion boards notice positive feedback from customers and new customers coming from social media networks. >>>

Customer Experience: What Really Matters?

How to improve Customer Experience
How to improve Customer Experience

There should be no guessing game when it goes about improving customer experience. Today lots of various metrics allow you to measure your customer experience and based on those results you can take advantage of different techniques to make your customers happier and more satisfied. Knowing what your customers think about your customer service, brand and products will help you to develop the right strategy for improving the overall customer experience. Customer service excellence has always been and will always be one of the critical competitive advantages for any business.  >>>