A Guide to Perfect Customer Service, or How to Reach a Customer Service Nirvana

A Guide to Perfect Customer Service
A guide to customer service nirvana

We are all dreaming of some perfect destination in our lives, in our businesses, in our relationships. A place which we could call home, where we can relax and savor each moment of existence. Does it exist? I feel that it does.

In my perception this place is very magical. It is a state of perfect balance where, once you reach it, everything gets taken care by itself, one element enabling and supporting the functioning of another and where everything is interconnected and interrelated. It is one whole self-sufficient entity. And because it does not need support from the outside, it is joyful, it is abiding in a state of nirvana.

How to reach this bountiful state? Whether we are talking about customer service or any other aspect of life, the first step in that direction is to recognize the fact the some things are out of balance now. Seeing clearly the dysfunction of the current state is the most important aspect of a journey back to a balanced state. >>>

5 Tips to Making a Great Sales Presentation in Live Chat

How to make a great product presentation using live chat support tools
5 Tips to Making Great Sales Presentation in Live Chat

If you are offering live chat support on your website, you probably know that sometimes your support agents have to answer sales questions. You may even have a separate sales department if you are a larger business. Contrary to the common belief that live chat is mostly good for support, many companies are successfully utilizing it for sales also.

Are your agents qualified to answer sales questions? Do they know the specifics of the live chat tool which could help them to make a better product or service presentation to clients?

Below are my 5 tips on how to structure and polish your sales presentation offered in the environment of online chat. >>>

10 Barriers to Outstanding Customer Service

Barriers to Great Customer Experience
10 Barriers to Outstanding Customer Service

Rumi, the ancient Sufi mystic and poet, used to write: “If you desire healing, let yourself fall ill, let yourself fall ill”. I like this quote. In my understanding, it means that in order to experience true health, which is our natural state, we need to undergo a certain cleaning. We need to remove things which don’t belong to the natural state, which become barriers to our experiencing it.

I think this wisdom can be applied to all aspects of our life. When I try to apply it to my work and my aspiration to create a perfect customer experience, I realize that a perfect experience doesn’t need to be created. More often than not, to make our customers happy we just need to remove things which stand in the way of effective and positive communication between us as companies and our clients. In a way, it could also be called a cleaning process, or healing process. And the first step is, to recognize these barriers which obstruct the ideal experience, or to let yourself as a company fall ill, which means allowing space for mistakes and for their recognition. >>>

3 Factors Driving Customer Satisfaction the Most in Customer Service

Drivers of Customer Satisfaction
3 Most Important Drivers of Customer Satisfaction

How to increase customer satisfaction? Probably every business is asking this question at a certain stage of their existence. There are so many tips online on how to boost customer satisfaction that sometimes one can get lost in the flood of information.

What if we try to look at this question scientifically?

Recent CX Act research 2015 “Omni-Channel Customer Care Study” revealed that there are 3 most important drivers of customer satisfaction. At least now we have something to focus on and prioritize our efforts. Let’s look at each one of them. >>>

5 Ways to Transform Customer Service at a Small Business

5 Ways a Small Business Can Transform Their Customer Service
Transforming customer service at a small business

Limitations offer the biggest challenges to us, but at the same time they are the best boosters of creativity and inspiration. We all know that a distinguishing feature of almost every small business is their limited resources. There are not enough people, not enough budget to implement great ideas and purchase professional customer service tools.

How to function well under limitations? The key is to transform your customer service so that all existing resources are used with maximum efficiency. This will require some thinking and creativity from you. Every company will for sure have their own approach to this and will develop unique methods of overcoming the problem of limited resources. >>>

How to Be a Happy Customer

What you can do to make yourself a happy customer
What it takes to be a happy customer

There are many talks around what companies should do to create happy customers. I suggest that we as customers share this responsibility with companies.  To a great extent it is in our power to have positive customer experience wherever we go and whatever we purchase. So what should we do for that?

If you observe your previous customer experience, you will probably agree with me that in general there are two reasons your happiness as a customer fails – either you are unhappy with the product that you have purchased, or you are unhappy with the service the company provided to you.

There are remedies for each type of failure. By paying attention to a few things below, you can minimize the risk of ending up an unhappy customer. >>>

6 Tips to Build Stronger Customer Trust with Live Chat Support

Growing Customer Trust with Live Support
How live chat can help you build stronger customer trust

Many online companies add live chat support to their websites as a means to offer quick and efficient customer service and increase customer engagement. Not many though recognize the value of live chat in creating customer trust.

Perhaps only few website owners question themselves, how adding live chat support can help them build greater trust with clients. At the same time, most of us are aware of the damaging effect that this tool can cause to company’s reputation and customers’ trust when it is being left unattended or mismanaged.

Most of us at least once faced a situation when we were hopelessly trying to contact live chat support of a certain company and we either were made to wait for too long, or our call was ignored, or advertised 24/7 support stayed offline for days and weeks. This experience of course did not fail to shake our trust in the company’s credibility and responsibility before their customers. >>>

Leveraging Chat Support: 3 Things You Might Be Overlooking

3 things you might be missing to increase the efficiency of chat support
3 Things most overlooked in chat support

If you have clicked through to this post, most likely you are already offering chat support to your clients from your website. Many of us, online companies, are trying to extract better value from different online tools which we are using for business. Chat support tool is no exception. You are probably wondering if you are handling your chat support in the most effective way.

How to know if you are using the tool to its maximum potential? Are you not missing anything?

As a live chat support software provider, we have a record of our customers almost constantly missing on three very important features, which could give so much benefit to their business. Perhaps, it is our fault also that we are not marketing these features well enough. Our apologies and an effort to correct ourselves with this post. >>>

Are You Fit for a Customer Service Job?

Is Customer Service the Right Job For You?
Am I fit for a customer service job?

Many people consider customer service an easy job. However, a lot of young people who took on a customer service position as a start of their career surprisingly find out that it is actually a hard work. So many different skills and a good understanding of human psychology are needed to become successful in it.

What does it mean to be successful in customer service? It means that you are able to make every customer happy and that you enjoy your work yourself.

In the wide range of skills and qualities that a good customer service agent is expected to have, how to identify the most important ones? What makes up the core of a customer service professional? If you are questioning whether customer service is the right job for you, read on. >>>

8 Tips to Increase the Productivity of Your Customer Support Staff

Increasing Productvity of Customer Support
8 Tips to increase customer support staff productivity

The question of employee productivity has always been a major concern for any company that is trying to evolve and grow. And indeed, productivity is closely tied with the income rate. Perhaps, every business at some point of their existence has questioned how to increase the productivity of their customer service staff without wearing people out and increasing their stress. It is obvious that stressed out employees’ performance would inevitably lead to decreased customer satisfaction and damaged company image.

Organizing the company structure in a way, which would inspire people to work more efficiently and without exhaustion is not an easy task. At the same time, it is a true inspiration to see both your employees and customers happy. >>>