Provide Support Offers Live Chat to Online Auction Sellers

NEW YORK, NY - March 1, 2005 - Provide Support has begun offering its chat service to online auction sellers. Auction chat software can increase bids on auction items, as potential bidders can ask questions and receive answers about items in real-time.

Provide Support's auction chat allows sellers to point out the advantages of his or her item and even push to the visitor auction pages of other items he or she is offering.

"Live chat is especially useful just before the auction closes when potential bidders might want last-minute questions answered before making a bid," says Provide Support CEO, Sergey Skugarev. "The exceptionally fast message transfer time of Provide Support chat is perfect for this type of situation."

"Provide Support fosters trust between the seller and the bidder," Skugarev says. "When bidders see the Live Chat button on the sellers' auction page, they feel confident they'll be able to contact the seller after the close of the auction. That kind of confidence is especially important in big-ticket auctions, like real-estate, cars, and expensive collectables, when there's a lot of money at stake."

Live chat isn't limited to auctions; a Live Support button can be placed on the seller's web store. Sellers can then monitor their web store for visitor traffic and proactively invite visitors to ask questions about their products.

Provide Support chat benefits both the bidder and the seller. The buyer will better know the item he or she is bidding on, because information on the item will be more readily accessible, and the seller will receive more bids due to increased bidder confidence. Skugarev says, "Auction chat creates a win-win situation for both the bidder and seller. It's good for the eBay community; it's good for everyone."

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