10 Reasons to use Live Chat for Business

1) Multi-Task: The best live chat programs let you chat with several clients at once, connect to others online and/or redirect calls to others in your company - all with a click of your mouse. This saves you and your customers' time and money.

2) Instant Leads: Visitors who use your chat solution are usually highly interested and through chatting, you can ask for as much detail as you need to effectively service them. Some programs let you initiate a chat call to any website visitor or even add a live chat link to your email or Google ads!

3) Better First Impression: Visitors who get quick answers to their questions stay longer, buy more products, and show more confidence in your company. That's why hundreds of smart auto dealers worldwide rely on Provide Support's live chat software as a point of contact on their website on the way to building trusting, solid customer relationships.

4) Your Name, In Lights: The leading programs allow you to custom design your chat icons, pop-up windows, and invitation screens with your company logo - and even include your own operators' photos.

5) Web-based Operator Console: Some systems offer web-based functionality along side their proprietary programs, allowing for on the go service and support from any web browser.

6) 100% Risk Free: Along with the no software to install option, Provide Support offers a free trial, meaning it couldn't be simpler or easier, especially since after the Free Trial Period is over, the service may be canceled at anytime.

7) Speak Their Language: Habla Espanol? Provide Support's Unicode system makes your international communications quick, easy, and error free. The system supports all special characters, including right-to-left direction languages so that the chat window, system messages, and graphic elements are all translated to the appropriate website language. Muy bueno!

8) Customer Feedback: You can create a post-chat survey to let visitors evaluate their experience or ask any questions about improving customer service and expanding quality support.

9) Scalable: The leading chat software providers allow you to add chat operators as your business expands.

10) Real Stats. Real Fast. The best providers also give real time stats feature lets you quickly evaluate your customers by learning their referring URL, IP address, geographic location, and entrance points to help better understand their needs and expectations.

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