The 10 Guidelines for Optimizing your Tech Support Services

Do You Know Who Your Customers Are?

Steer your marketing efforts towards future success and bridge the gap between your company and customers with Provide Support‘s Real Time Visitor Monitoring and Passing Information Code features, which allow you to pass additional details about your visitors to your operator console and recognize them, see users’ activity in real time and their location details.

Get As Many Details About Your Customers’ Needs As Possible

During typical customer service chat sessions, miscommunication and confusion tend to occur at the very beginning of the session. This can waste valuable time for both yourself and your client. Provide Support’s customizable Start Chat and Offline Forms will help you in collecting as many details as possible from your customers to give them a head start with the conversation, streamlining the customer service process.

See What Your Customers Are Up To

Knowing who your customers are and how they navigate your pages provides important metrics toward shaping how your website functions. Provide Support’s Real Time Visitor Monitoring and Co-browser features give you a sneak peek into the particular pages your visitors are currently looking at, how long they have been staying on a given page, how they arrived at your site, etc. For those customers who are in chat sessions with you a Co-browser can also be used for navigating them and opening needed links from a convenient Co-browser tab within your operator console.

What Do Your Customers Know About You?

For those of us who has been in a stressful customer service conversation as a customer (probably everyone), we remember when an agent has been attentive, helpful, or cordial. On the other hand, we remember when a company’s customer service agents have been dismissive, robotic or even careless. Add some personal human touch to your live chat conversations by uploading your picture or a simple greeting message. Showing your customers, especially those in a sensitive complaint-oriented situation, a face behind your company’s side of the conversation allows those customers to trust you and your support agents. You can also adjust your Visitor Live Chat Messenger window to match your corporate style by uploading a company logo.

Allow Your Customers To Send Log Files Right Away

Provide Support stresses efficiency through the entire suite of available features. Occasionally, a site visitor needs to send a log file to allow the support agents to analyze for critical errors that may be causing this visitor’s problem. This can be accomplished with a file transfer feature which allows receiving log files at high speeds. Clients may send files up to 100mb during chat sessions, streamlining the support process.

Make Your Customers Comfortable Sharing Sensitive Data

Security and Privacy remain the utmost concern to anyone browsing the Internet and regularly inputting sensitive information. Most of us become hesitant to trust a new website with certain information. At Provide Support, we hold this need for comfort and trust in the highest regard. Our industry-strength 256-bit secure connection can be used for sending passwords and other sensitive, private information during a chat session.

Be Visible To Your Customers

Do your customers know how to reach you? Make sure that you add a chat button to all your pages in a clearly visible position. Provide Support offers a large set of chat icons for any type of industry or website, including holiday chat icons to add a festive spirit to your website. You can also utilize special floating chat buttons, which will follow your visitors when scrolling.

Save Your Time For Efficient Support

The time of your agents should be looked at as a valuable commodity that you utilize properly. Do you know how to organize your customer support team’s time in the most efficient way and save it when assisting your customers? With Provide Support’s Canned Responses feature you can create predefined responses to the most frequently asked questions, group them by category for easy access during support chat sessions and send with one click to customers.

Share Your Experience with Colleagues

Make your new tech support agents training precise and simple by using chat transcripts. All your chat conversations are sent by email and your new representatives will be able to review and study them. During live chat sessions they can invite experienced operators for some assistance if needed and follow their conversations. The Post Chat Survey feature will help you in analyzing your new coworkers’ progress.

Are You Open To Suggestions?

Gathering feedbacks and suggestions from your customers will show that you care, and value their continued business. You can customize the Post Chat Survey HTML file with ease and add there a list of questions and support performance ratings or use standard templates. All results will be attached to your chat transcripts and accessible through your mail client. This will leave no question regarding you company service quality and support level.

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