Provide Support's customers are located all over the world and belong to a wide variety of markets and industries. They use our service because they've found that live support improves customer relationships, increases revenue, boosts brand recognition, and reduces sales and support costs.

The following organizations have added Provide Support ® service to their websites. We thank them for letting us know what they think of our service and allowing us to post their comments on this page.

  • "We've had our eCommerce Store open for over 10 years. During 9 of those we offered Live Chat Support via Live Person (LP). LP started us with a teaser low monthly rate and jacked it up annually until it was an exorbitant amount. LP held no regard for our tight finances as a small business. We also experienced repeated LP system outages and failures.

    Then it all changed. While personally shopping on another eCommerce site, I needed to use their chat feature. After a successful chat resulting in a purchase, I saw tiny little letters on the chat window - Powered by Provide Support. A few clicks later, a couple of page reads on the Provide Support website, I thought 'this is pretty powerful -- must be expensive'. I clicked on the pricing page and was delighted to see a fair and comprehensive pricing structure. I did the free trial, cut and pasted some code and was up and running. Just two days later - cancelled the old, expensive LP and, and prepaid for a full year of Provide Support.

    Provide Support has been great ever since. I discover more features every day and am a happy customer. With Provide Support - the switch was easy, and we are saving hundreds and hundreds of dollars."

    Patrick D
  • "We have used LivePerson for years, until now. Provide Support is by far a better solution for our business and more cost effective. It is very easy to set up, and customize. We have more features than ever and are saving money. Making the switch to Provide Support is a no-brainer."

    Patrick Forrester
  • "ProvideSupport has more than paid for itself. First, customers have told me that they feel more confident buying on my e-commerce site because they can contact someone easily. Second, I'm able to immediately answer questions about products and have seen how that has increased sales. Third, I can view when someone is on my shopping cart page for an extended time period and can contact them to help them complete checkout. There are several other great reasons: I love ProvideSupport, including a very knowledgeable customer service department which really knows how to help you. ProvideSupport is an unqualified success for my website."

    Jim Drucker
  • "We have been using Provide Support for several years and are incredibly happy with the consistent and reliable service it provides. Most importantly, Provide Support offers a very convenient channel for our busy customers to contact us when they need a question answered quickly and efficiently. The chat tool provides our customer service team with additional flexibility to address customer inquiries while away from their office phone. Finally, Provide Support has become a fantastic training tool for onboarding new staff members. By sharing historic chat transcripts, new employees quickly get a sense of our customer's needs and best ways to address these needs. All this at an incredibly fair price – we are very pleased."

    Karin Keller
    Customer Service Manager
  • "We have been using this chat application for nearly four years now and are very pleased with it as well as with their customer service. Our business is online project management software and our web site visitors may create a free account to give our application a test run. If they feel our product meets their requirements, they may then decide to subscribe. Offering our users a simple, convenient, reliable and live gateway to our support staff is therefore crucial when it comes to making the most of a potential client base, and subsequently, for customer satisfaction. In this regard, Provide Support has definitely given us a competitive edge."

    Daniel Raymond